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Productions: Show Choir Products and News gets your product information in front of over 12,000 readers. Our core audience consists of Directors, Assistant Directors, Booster Club officers, and school officials at the high school, middle school, and collegiate levels. Your audience includes all those who make or influence the buying decisions for these dynamic performance groups. Beyond our US readers, we also have subscribers from the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Ireland, and Australia.


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Editorial Calendar 2017

Issue Artwork Due Features
Product Showcase
Jan/Feb 1/23/17 Choir Management Software/Travel Buyer's Guide
Mar/Apr 3/20/17 Acoustics/Camps/Clinics Staging Equipment
May/June 5/15/17 Fundraising/Travel Set Design/Sound/Music
Jul/Aug 7/17/17 "Back To School" Costuming/Auditoriums
Sep/Oct 9/18/17 Staging/Competitions Fundraising
Nov/Dec 11/20/17 Lighting & Sound FX Musical Arrangements/Sheet Music


Ad Rates/Specs


  1X 3X 6X
Full Page 1495 1180 1035
1/2 Island 875 700 615
1/2 page 825 660 580
1/3 page 600 480 420
1/4 Page 465 370 325
2-Page Spread 2900 2320 2030
Inside Front 1900 1560 1410
Inside Back 1650 1320 1170
Back Cover 2100 1680 1530

Pricing (Website)

Storefront Community - $600/year

Banner (468 x 60 pixels) - $600/month

Half Banner (190 x 45 pixels) - $300/month

Tower Ad (190 x 230 pixels) - $1200/month

Banners/Half-banners/Storefront Logos must be static.


Ad Dimensions

Full Page 8.375” x 10.875” 8.625” x 11.125”
2 Page Spread 16.75” x 10.875” 17” x 11.125”
1/2 Island 4.875” x 7.875” n/a
1/2 Horizontal 7.75” x 4.875” n/a
1/2 Vertical 3.75” x 9.875” n/a
1/3 Island 4.875” x 4.875” n/a
1/4 Page 3.75” x 4.875” n/a


We will only accept your artwork in the following data formats:
•Adobe InDesign 3.0 or earlier (including fonts/images used)
•Adobe Illustrator 10.0 or earlier (all text must be converted to outlines)
•TIFF, EPS or JPEG (CMYK format, 300dpi minimum)

Supplier must provide all fonts used in ad (PostScript Type 1 only, no TrueType fonts)

We can only accept artwork in the following media types:
•Electronic Transfer via Email (see below for more information)
•Sorry, we cannot accept 1.44MB floppies or film negatives.

A color proof must be included with your artwork to ensure proper output. We are not responsible for errors when no proof is supplied. For electronically transferred artwork, we can only insure proper reproduction if the above standards are met.

We can accept photos/images as follows:
•TIFF, EPS or JPEG (CMYK format, 300dpi minimum) THIS IS OUR PREFERRED FORMAT.
•Lab-processed photographs (no inkjet/laser printed photos)
•35mm or medium-format slides (no negatives, please)

Electronic Transfer via Email
•Send emailed artwork to:
•Scan all artwork for viruses before emailing. You may be liable for any damages to computer equipment caused by a sent virus.
•Folders/sets of related files should be compressed into Stuffit (.sit) or Zip (.zip) format before emailing.

Miscellaneous Information
•Ads intended to bleed must include at least 1/8" bleed around all edges of ad.
•Fonts, images/scans, logos/artwork must be embedded in all EPS or Hi-Res PDF files.
•All images/scans, logos/artwork must be in CMYK mode

All sent artwork (including email) must include the following:
•Magazine Title
•Issue Date
•Advertiser's Name
•Contact Information (name, phone, email, fax if applicable)
•List of contents (IMPORTANT)





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