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January/February 2013



Tips for Miking a Show Choir

By: Gene Houck

Show choirs come in many sizes and styles. They all have one thing in common, however: an audience that wants to hear them. With that comes the challenge of overcoming a live band or mixed tracks, as well as some not-so-acoustic-friendly rooms.


From Stage to Screen: The Value of Show Choir Video

By: Aaron Spraggins

In terms of quality, seeing a live performance beats watching a video hands down, 100% of the time. The lights & sounds, screams from the audience, the heat of action unfolding before you-this is an experience that is unable to be completely captured in photographs or even on video. However, we continue to try.



Adult Show Choir Spotlight--After Graduation: Why Show Choir Doesn't Have to Stop

By: Rachel James Clevenger

The Indy Adult Show Choir is an all age, all volunteer group started in January 2010 by Heather Pechin and a choreographer friend who helped get the group established. Coming from a long history of show choir and dancing, Heather recognized a need for a creative outlet for stay-at-home mothers or people who worked full-time jobs but loved singing or dancing.


Show Choir Spotlight: Darren Dale and Oak Grove's Centerstage in Mississippi

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Director Darren Dale is the youngest of five children and the uncle to ten nieces and nephews-all of whom live within ten minutes of his parents in Clinton, Mississippi. Though he did recently change jobs and moved from Opelika, Alabama, to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Dale still isn't able to visit more often than he did when he lived five hours from the rest of the Dale clan. The life of a Show Choir director is just too busy.


A Select Buyer's Guide--Easily Printable

Our January issue features a select Buyer's Guide for a variety of Show Choir Products and Services for Directors, Assistant Directors, and Booster Club Members! You can open the digital version beneath the spread or easily download and print the PDF file.




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