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(Show) Choir Confidential: Lobbying for Equipment Needs (from "Best Of" Buyer's Guide 2014)

By: Stacy Hanson

Despite federal laws defining the arts as a "core academic subject," music education struggles to obtain parity with the support provided to academic subjects. With extracurricular activities like show choir, the challenges are even greater.


An LA Love Story: Featuring Tyne Stecklein, Corey Anderson, and Pete Engle (From "Best Of" Buyer's Guide 2014)

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Talent agent Pete Engle and professional dancer Corey Anderson have long been enamored with show choir. Tyne Stecklein, recently seen on Dancing with the Stars, only learned of show choir through her husband and agent, but she quickly realized why show choir was easy to love.


Interview with Lance Bass

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Growing up in Mississippi, Lance Bass started singing early, the same way many Mississippi kids start singing, performing in a church choir. When the Bass family moved to Clinton, Mississippi, Lance was able to branch out into show choir, adding dance skills to his outstanding vocal ability, when he joined the nationally recognized, award-winning show choir Attache.



Costuming 101 (From "Best Of" Buyer's Guide 2014)

By: John L. Baker

Costuming has come a long way since I started teaching in 1981. Long gone are the days of blue jeans or T-Shirts and sewing parties where moms got together to fashion smock dresses for the swing choir.


Keys to Your Show Choir Running Successful Fundraising Projects (From "Best Of" Buyer's Guide 2014)

By: Jeff Ellenberger

As a direct result of today's economic times, many show choirs, choirs, and musical theatre programs are relying on fundraising to bridge the gap (fill the holes!) in their budgets. Now more than ever, the importance of a successful fundraiser is critical. With several companies and multiple products and services from which to choose, here are some suggestions and recommendations to consider.


Setting the Stage for Acoustics First (From "Best Of" Buyer's Guide 2014)

By: Nick Colleran

Early acoustical theaters were just that, acoustic. The good news and the bad news are usually the same news, when a venue sounds incredibly good at the start.




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