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January/Februrary 2015



International Show Choir Showdown: Can-Am Invitational and Show Choir Canada Championships

By: Show Choir Canada

In spring 2014, American and Canadian teams squared off in competition, but instead of a hockey puck, it was a downbeat that started it off . Show Choir Canada hosted its first-ever Can-Am Invitational on the final day of the Show Choir Canada National Competition.


UK and US Connections: Show Choir Collaborations to Build Confidence and Unity

By: Rachel Walker

I have composed songs for most of my life, and have enjoyed being the Musical Director for the UK's Euphoria Show Choir for the past four years. In 2014 I was invited to judge the Canadian Show Choir Championships in Toronto, alongside Cirque Du Soliel's artistic director Tara Young, show choir director John Baker and choreographer Damon Brown.



Making an Impact With International Travel

By: Sean Berg

It is important for programs and ensembles to consider an International Performance Tour as another opportunity to impact the lives of our students by exposing them to real life opportunities and experiences that are not available on a digital screen.


Perfecting Choir Management: Finding the Ideal Online System for Your Choir

By: Tom Metzger

Maybe it is the hectic pace of life in the 21st century, or maybe it is because there is a smart phone in every pocket, but it seems like everyone is looking for a better way to organize their choir. The clipboards, policy binders and paper forms of decades gone by are giving way to automation in an online world.


Buyer's Guide 2015

Browse the 2015 Buyer's Guide for selected products and services tailor-made for the show choir market!




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