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Acoustics: A Universal Concern

By: Nick Colleran

Schools have a multitude of different rooms where acoustics matter. In addition to the obvious intelligibility requirements for classrooms, there are choir and band rooms, recording and broadcast facilities, gymnasiums that may need to double as performance areas and-if the performers are lucky-a dedicated theater for the performing arts.


Marysville Swingers Unlimited: Building STEAM

By: Zach Braithwaite

Over the past ten years, the Marysville Swingers Unlimited have earned thirty overall grand championships, but the road to success has not come without its bumps. From multiple choreographer changes, to a school district that decided to put sports and science above art and music, the group and their director, Jeremy Alfera, have used this all as motivation to continue creating the art that they love.


Outfitting Your Group with Multi-Purpose & Flexible Staging

By: Rick Roe

Today, schools all over the country are finding it difficult to meet the demands placed on them to provide the best possible education as well as ensuring their students get the most out of their education. If you are a group that competes and travels, parents and students see what the other groups have for risers or staging and look to you to supply the equivalent for their kids.



Improve Your Organization with Choir Management Tools

By: Jacob Levine

The beginning of a new season is an exciting time. That is, unless you're the poor sap who gets handed the stack of audition forms and has to copy everything into Excel.


Buyer's Guide 2016

View and print the 2016 Buyer's Guide: a list of top companies devoted to show choir.




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