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September/October 2014



Reducing Unwanted Stage Noise with Staging Platforms

By: Bob Randall

Most people have experienced unwanted sound in a performing arts venue. Sometimes other patrons nearby are whispering to each other, or a cell phone goes off unexpectedly.


Singing vs. Shouting: Vocal Advice From An Expert, Part Two

By: Dina Else

Welcome back! Now that we've ensured the proper body alignment is well underway and have established the basics of breath intake, let's journey a step further into the topics of breath support and breath management.


Copyright for Show Choirs

By: Jann-Michael Greenburg

Complying with copyright laws has never been easier or more straightforward than it is today. Almost all publishers are familiar with show choirs and how their music is used, and the music publishing community exists to encourage the licensed use of their music.



Gretna's Revolution and Director Pat Ribar: The Memory Business

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Revolution Director Pat Ribar shares that he has always loved music. Though in high school he started on the Varsity football team, played baseball, and wrestled, he also shared his musical talents in choir and by playing the piano.


The Psychology of Holiday Fundraising

By: Cassidy Clevenger

Though some might imagine that the holidays are not the best time to embark on fundraising missions-imagining that cash on hand for prospective donors is already spread too thin at the end of the year- the fact is that in the U.S., the majority of all charitable giving occurs between Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Day.



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