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November/December 2014



YouTUBE and Show Choir Music

By: Jann-Michael Greenburg

One of the questions asked most frequently of our licensing department by Show Choir Directors is: Am I allowed to put a school performance up on YouTube? The answer to this question is a bit more complex than the question itself, because there are a few factors that should go into the decision to post a video of a show choir performance.


Director/Arranger Collaboration: Song Selection, Voicing, & Instrumentation

By: Lori Nahirniak & Taras Nahirniak

Late spring, after the competition season and auditions are complete, is the time to begin the collaboration on the next year's show. The director, who works with students on a daily basis, understands the strengths and limitations of the choir and show band and therefore should work closely with the arranger on the design of the show.


Choosing Arrangements for a Well-Paced Show

By: Anita Cracauer

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a rehearsal feeling like the energy of your show was completely dying out? Or worse yet, have you gotten this comment from a judge in competition? Sounds like your show could have used a little CPR...Comp-show Pacing Resuscitation!



JacksonPrep's Reveillon: Excellence Across the Board

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Though Reveillon from Jackson, Mississippi, has only been competing for a relatively short time, they have already won numerous awards for Best Vocals, Best Show Design, and Best Visuals. They also have Grand Championships to their credit.




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