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March/April 2014



A Tale of Two Campers

By: Kaelyn Wolfe & Ryan Kirby

Two talented show choir members share their experiences at two of the best show choir camps the nation has to offer: USM's Southern Experience and Show Choir Camps of America.


Modern Acoustical Design: No Longer Forced to Choose Between Good Looks and Good Sound

By: Nick Colleran

Over the past decade, much of what was not generally known about acoustics has become common knowledge. However, some of that knowledge is based only on assumptions that masquerade as information. Common knowledge, based upon assumptions, must be tested.


Staging for Safety: Break a Leg

By: Judy Fargher

The phrase "break a leg" has been a long standing tradition in the theatrical world. Theatre people, being superstitious by nature, think that whistling in the theatre or wishing someone "good luck" is actually bad luck.



The Encore Entertainment Company: Surviving, Thriving, Sharing

By: Rachel James Clevenger

The Encore Entertainment Company is a competitive show choir that represents Medina High School in Ohio, consistently ranking as a top finalist at show choir competitions across the Midwest.


Harmony at Mainstage Center for the Arts: A self-sustaining Show Choir

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Harmony Show Choir is an auditioned group of between 40 and 52 high-school-aged performers from the Southern New Jersey area. Unlike most show choirs, which are connected to their school districts, Harmony is connected to the Mainstage Center for the Arts, which seeks to provide a creative environment for youth and adults in order to enrich the lives of Jersey residents.




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