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March/April 2016



Wisconsin Singers: Collegiate Show Choir at Its Best

By: Robin Whitty-Novotny

Wisconsin Singers, featuring the top talents of the University of Wisconsin- Madison, was one of the first collegiate show choirs in the country. From performing at the White House to doing USO and other international tours, the Singers has thrived for nearly five decades as one of the elite college show choirs in the country, finding creative ways to keep the program strong through the challenges of funding cuts and economic downturns.


Finding the Right Competition for Your Show Choir

Finding the right competitions for your show choir to attend can be tricky. Navigating the process becomes easier if you take the advice of show choir directors, especially those who have hosted their own competitions.



Longhorn Singers at UT-Austin: What Starts Here Changes the World

By: Zachary Kornblau

Founded in 1958 by Doctor Morris Beachy, Longhorn Singers is the official show choir of The University of Texas at Austin. As one of the oldest performing organizations at the university, Longhorn Singers has seen much change and growth in its 58 years of existence. Originally, the organization was split into two glee clubs: men's and women's.




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