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Take the Lead: Be a P-A-C-E setter this school year!

By: Valerie Lippoldt Mack & Stacy Hanson

Pacesetters set the pace at the beginning of a race or competition so those around them can then break a record. Pacesetters also take the lead and set the standards of achievement for others. Whether you are a rookie show choir director or a seasoned veteran, the fall is a great time to become a pacesetter for your program. A new school year promises a fresh start and a chance to plan for success.


Singing VS. Shouting: Vocal Advice from an Expert

By: Dina Else

In show choir, our end product is the result of hours of practice and preparation. Those hours are split among the many facets of the genre, the two primary facets being singing and dancing.


Costume Renovation & Transformation

By: Deborah J. Nelson

Show choir costumes, like all custom-created or even off the rack costumes, can be very expensive. Every year, your group fundraises to foot the bill and put fabulous costumes on your show choir girls and boys. You want your singer/dancers to shine, and nothing but the best will do!



10 Reasons to Hire a Tour Operator

By: Bruce Rickert

Planning a trip is often exciting as the entire group looks forward to their next adventure. In many cases, however, this experience can quickly turn into a nightmare when trying to coordinate the travel, airplane tickets, hotels, restaurants and activities along with performance opportunities for your students.


Funding: Writing Show Choir Grants

By: Kari Metzer

All choirs can benefit from grant writing. Show choirs, in particular, often run up against budget constraints that make it difficult for them to do the activities they want to do. From ordering new music to traveling, outside funding is often necessary to meet the goals of an organization.



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