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July/August 2015



Orchestra Pit Fillers and Stage Extensions

By: Bill Gareiss

You have developed a great show choir program, member numbers are growing, and you are now challenged with finding enough space to allow everyone to participate. You must find a way to increase the square footage on stage-in order to accommodate the additional performers-and to bring them closer to the audience to make each performance more intimate.


Recipe for Show Choir Success

By: Stacy Hanson

In the spring of 2015, the FOX series "Glee" aired its final show, concluding six seasons and 121 episodes that together contained more than 700 musical numbers. While credited with raising the visibility of show choirs, this popular series did not capture all the factors critical to a successful show choir program.



Forever Young: How Music Shapes Your Life

By: Josh Sassanella

The funny thing about growing up is you gain the ability to look back and see the decisions that defined you. For me, almost every decision was surrounded by music and each song was special.


Transforming Off-the-Rack Garments for Dancing

By: Deborah J. Nelson

Let's face it - Custom gowns and costumes can get expensive. You may want to purchase an off-the-rack dress, top or bottom and transform it into something that is danceable.




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