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July/August 2017



Show Choir and Auditoriums: Creating a Multi-Purpose Space

By: Rick Roe

In today's environment of the multi-purpose space, the auditorium manager is faced with the hurdles of providing every stake holder the opportunity to host their event flawlessly.


Costuming: Sweating the Details

By: Deborah J. Nelson

Are you sweating your costume choices? I know there are a few lucky souls out there who never appear to be sweating, but many are not so lucky. While sweating serves the purpose of helping to cool the body, it also makes a mess of your show choir costumes and can look unsightly on your performers. So, what can we do?



Back-to-School Spotlight on Show Choir Products and Services

Please pay close attention to some of the most loyal show choir supporters in business, as you review exciting fundraising opportunities, talented arrangers, and outstanding costumers. Please use these exemplary companies as you make your Back-to-School Plans!




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