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September/October 2015



The Rebelaires: 50 Years of Music

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Director Tom Gerking explains that what lead him to a career in music education was, first and foremost, his love for school. While in Lawton-Bronson High School, Gerking was active in many activities and organizations: from football and track to show choir and band to National Honor Society and Student Council.


Sharing the Stage

By: Chelsea Johnson

With countless hours spent on practices and rehearsals, many performers and directors often feel that the stage becomes their home. However, when that home is temporary - in the case of a community or privately shared, multipurpose stage, auditorium or orchestra hall - it can be very difficult to maintain that domestic feeling.



The Show Must Go On: Choreographing Your Next Fundraiser

By: John O'Neil

Dance communicates, using the human body to express ideas and emotions, in a way no other art form can. Beautiful, inspirational and entertaining, its presentation on stage is a joy to behold-which is why dancers, directors, assistant directors, parents and boosters are willing to put so much work into a production. And what a lot of work it is, on and off stage.


Ball State University Singers: Faith. Hope. Laughter. Love.

By: Sam Chenoweth

Faith, Hope, Laughter, and Love are the four pillars of one of the country's eldest collegiate show choirs, the Ball State University Singers. Now in their 52nd year, the organization known as "University Singers" continues to be at the forefront of the collegiate show choir genre.




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