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September/October 2016



The Role of Competition Within a Music Program

By: Rachel James Clevenger

Music educators, particularly those who have programs that include a show choir, will have to determine the role of competition for their group at some point. Despite the long hours and hard work for all involved, many directors believe strongly in the value of competition, including the benefits of hosting their own competitions.


Continuing the Legacy: The Indiana University Singing Hoosiers

By: Brandon Porter

The clock hits three thirty-five. Gossiping, catching up, and the sound of business being conducted fills the air. Eighty-five college students are making their way to their seats in MA 404. A sophomore psychology major sits quietly, trying to forget about her difficult day. A freshman political science major rejoices about having just made a date with his new crush.



New To Copyright? No Problem!

By: Nick Brockamp

Picture this: You are preparing for your new competition show. You've found all the right pieces-great song selections, fantastic arranger, amazing choreographer, the whole nine yards. Suddenly, you receive an email.


Heart of America and The Thirst Project: Joining Forces for Good

By: Damon Brown

Sequins and devastating drought. Beautiful solos and contaminated water. Powerful dancing and heart-breaking illness. Joyous celebrations of music and desperate prayers for relief. Is there anything in the world these things could possibly have in common?




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