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Charms Office Assistant for Show Choir Management


The Charms Office Assistant was launched in 2001, and since has become the unquestioned leader in cloud-based organization, management, and communication for successful organizations. It is an all-encompassing office assistant, ready to go to work when you are. Charms keeps track of all your student, member, and adult information such as email addresses, phone numbers, what group they are in, their grade, and lots more. Charms can organize and make sense of your library, and keep track of your inventory, equipment, props and uniforms. Charms knows who turned in their form, who missed practice, where they stand or sit, how much they owe on their trip, and who still hasn't turned in their uniforms.

Charms is a robust financial package as well! It will help you track fundraisers and disburse profits. You can manage local and international trips with ease. Charms helps you create fixed billing items and knows who paid them, who still owes for repairs, and can give you a running balance of all your booster club accounts, and will help reconcile with the office activity fund. Charms will help with 1099 forms, 990 forms, bank reconciliation, and managing budgets. Adults can pay for trips and other items online with their credit or debit cards through our private and exclusive Parent/Student/Member Area.

So, take a few minutes and view our demo accounts. Or if you're ready, you can set up a no-obligation trial today and start using Charms tomorrow.



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