From Spotlights to Friday Night Lights

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Marysville Swingers Unlimited: Building STEAM

Over the past ten years, the Marysville Swingers Unlimited have earned thirty overall grand championships, but the road to success has not...  More

Longhorn Singers at UT-Austin: What Starts Here Changes the World

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Wisconsin Singers: Collegiate Show Choir at Its Best

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Where It All Began: Los Alamitos Sound FX

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Continuing the Legacy: The Indiana University Singing Hoosiers

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When Words Fail, Music Speaks: West Virginia’s High Impact Bounces Back

The summer of 2016 had been a record-breaking hot summer. In the mountains and valleys of West Virginia, we are accustomed to steamy, hot,...  More

We Are Linn-Mar

Linn-Mar Show Choir program is comprised of three show choirs: our women's prep group, Hi-Style, the mixed prep group, In Step, and our...  More

Not Just Another Middle School Music Group

Just another middle school music group? Not this Mississippi native group. Earning two national titles and a total of twelve Grand...  More

Moving the Show Choir World Forward: Creating Original Music

There is a slight shift happening in show choir these days. It is a refreshing shift, in fact. It is regarding music selections for some...  More