Satin Stitches Ltd. for Show Choir Costumes and Costuming

11894 Round Lake Blvd. N.W., Minneapolis, MN 55433
(763) 323-9507

At Satin Stitches, for over 40 years, we pride ourselves on producing couture quality performance costumes, right here at our showroom/production facility in Minneapolis.

Deborah J. Nelson has a BFA degree in Fashion Design and founded Satin Stitches® in early 1978 after being employed for 5 years as a Fashion Designer/Patternmaker at a "high-end" woman's apparel company in Minneapolis. Performance costuming became a passion, along with striving to beautifully and proportionally fit performers of ALL sizes and shapes.

Satin Stitches offers expert design consulting, world-class CAD patternmaking along with couture-quality manufacturing. Satin Stitches’ small custom manufacturer’s staff has been nurtured and trained by Deborah and her assistants, to create the very best in custom performance costuming.

Customizable, pre-designed show choir styles are now available in many combinations of fabrics, in our Web Store where budget-friendly designs can be ordered with very fast turnaround times. Both basics and specialty designs are available for small or large show choirs.

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