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Meet Dornink and Manhasset Speciality Stand. Dornink specializes in custom designing exactly what your group needs. Dornink has expert pattern makers that will create beautiful and well-designed looks. Manhasset, on the other hand, creates music stands that are all about quality, performance, dependability, style, and value. Manhasset stands have been made in the USA for eighty-seven years.


QUESTION: What got you into designing and producing costumes?
I grew up in the business of custom dress design, as my mom owned her own business in our house. When my sister and I were in show choir in high school, our mom created our costumes because there weren’t as many options in the 90s (and they were usually rather unflattering). After getting a math degree at the university of Iowa, I moved to New York for fashion school. Living and working in New York after attending F.I.T was an amazing education in design as well as production. I still use some of the same production companies I met when I lived there. Dornink has been designing and creating custom show choir costumes since the 90s. We are passionate about creating beautiful unique pieces that come to life on stage.

QUESTION: What sets your services and company apart from others?
We specialize in custom designing exactly what your group needs. Dornink has expert pattern makers that will create beautiful and well-designed looks. If you are creating a theatrical show with unusual characters, we can envision it and create it. Or if you are looking for a more traditional show choir dress, we can design it. We source trims and fabrics from all around the world, so if you are looking for something unusual, we can find it.

QUESTION: When a group chooses you, what can they expect from Dornink?
Dornink will consult by email, phone, or zoom to understand your set and your vision, then we will sketch your designs and add color. We will continue working and re-working these sketches and fabrics until we get the exact look you desire. Once the final version is approved, Dornink will create a sample for another approval. Your new style will go into production once you are happy with the look. We cut and sew most of our pieces in New York, quality check in Des Moines, and then ship to you.

QUESTION: If our reader was sitting in front of you, what question should they ask?
Do you have costumes that can ship quickly? Yes, we offer a lot of ready to wear options that can ship within seven business days. These costumes come from Dornink’s years as a retailer where we can source suits, dresses, skirts, tops, and many more looks. Our website has a small sample of what we can source, but if you are looking for something specific, just ask! Dornink also has many styles that have been designed for other schools that can be cut and sewn quickly for your group. Using a pre-designed dress cuts down on the production time by three weeks.



QUESTION: What got you into specialty stands?
Many of the suggestions for new music stand models and accessories come from Band Directors and consumers. Manhasset also continuously aims to provide solutions to musicians’ needs resulting from new technology. One recent example is the Universal Tablet Holder that fits onto Manhasset stand shafts or mic stands which is adjustable to hold a smart phone up to a 12” iPad or tablet. Other recent examples of new product innovations are from our Clear polycarbonate series, including the Clear Desk Symphony series which allows the band director to have better visibility of musicians and provides the musician with the opportunity to have better visibility of the audience. Other models from the Clear series have multiple purposes, such as the Clear Shield and the Acoustic Shield. Both of these models can be used as protective shields and have become hugely popular due to concern over spreading germs and COVID-19 exposure during the last two years. The Acoustic Shield was designed to offer a buffer between instruments in band and orchestral settings and is very effective in those applications. The last model in the Clear Series is the Clear Conductor Stand which uses the same shield as the Acoustic Shield but is configured to be used by conductors so that they can manage large scores and have good visibility of the musicians and vocalists. The company has introduced new music stand LED lighting, too, that conveniently use AA batteries as well as AC adaptors. Even the ever-popular model 1000 Music Lamp is now available with LED tubular bulbs for longer-lasting performance.

The company continues to introduce new colors to its music stand line-up and has recently developed textured finishes to provide even better scratch resistance, giving the player or vocalist an opportunity to choose their favorite color for practicing and performing. A new design of conductor stand was recently introduced with more below-desk storage; this design has been well received. This model was suggested by the company’s export distributor in South Korea. Manhasset is also set to introduce a new accessory kit line up that will give performers many options for storing items below their music stands while allowing quick access to these items.

QUESTION: What sets your stands and company apart from others?
Manhasset music stands are all about quality, performance, dependability, style and value. Manhasset stands have been Made in the USA for eighty-seven years, initially being founded in Manhasset, New York, and moving to Yakima, Washington in the 1940’s. The company is an ESOP, meaning that ALL employees have an ownership stake in the company. As a result, all of the company’s employees know that producing great quality products is essential to maintaining its market share and reputation in the industry so that the company can continue to make music stands for the next eighty-seven years and beyond. The key reasons that Manhasset music stands and accessories are the first choice of so many bands, orchestras, and performance venues are:

1. The company uses premium materials in all of the component parts that are produced

2. The company has invested significant sums in updating its equipment, processes and plant to be able to increase productivity and part quality so that the quality of the stands produced today are the best they have ever been. The introduction of robotics in plant operations and increased efficiency from new presses and dies allow for even greater part consistency in production.

3. The company has more models and colors of music stands than any other brand, with many choices of desk, shaft and base options so that players and vocalists can select the best fit for their performance needs and their image.

4. Since 2012, the company offers a Lifetime Warranty so purchasers of Manhasset stands can be certain that they will get many years of service from the stands they purchase. No other manufacturer or marketer can match these features, benefits, and guarantees.

QUESTION: When a group chooses Manhasset, what can they expect?
Quality, performance, dependability, style and value. Because of the inherent quality of Manhasset parts and the simplicity of assembling the company’s music stands, our customers can expect quick assembly and outstanding performance right out of the carton. They should expect many years of dependable performance from these stands, which means that groups with already stressed budgets will not need to plan to purchase replacement stands in a few years, as is necessary with some other brands of music stands. Manhasset stands last for years! We frequently get requests for parts to repair music stands that have been in use for over thirty years, which we happily provide. Those stands are then ready for another twenty years of use, or perhaps more. Knowing that the company has been in business for eighty-seven years provides confidence; the company is going to be around if parts are needed or if additional stands are wanted to meet growing numbers of performers in the groups.

QUESTION: If our reader was sitting in front of you, what question should they ask?
What’s the weather like in Yakima this winter? It has been snowy and cold this year! But the weather is beautiful in the spring, summer and fall. Does Manhasset sell its music stand products outside of the United States? Yes, the company has distribution in countries located on six of the continents (still working on Antarctica) and the market share grows every year all over the world. As Manhasset says, “The World is Our Stage.”