Company Submissions:
If you are interested in submitting a piece for publication and work for a company, ensure you can meet the guidelines below, and then contact Ed Bauer, Editor-in-Chief.

Please email Ed Bauer, Editor-in-Chief, with your suggested topic at or email him via Linked In.

Guidelines/Audience Considerations

If you are writing for a company:
Note that our editorial is content-driven, not product-driven, and therefore must be focused on information that show choir directors and influencers need to make informed decisions, as opposed to advertorial that is pitching a specific company’s products or services.

We have an audience of over 12,000 Directors, Assistant Directors, Booster Club officers, and all those who make or influence the buying decisions for these dynamic performance groups. View the Productions Media Guide on the “Advertise With Us” page for more detailed information.

Your piece can be 800-1700 words, and we are open to any focus or focuses that you believe would benefit our audience. We must have a minimum of 800 words to run the piece.

Author Info:
In the About the Author box, you may include company contact information and links to a company site. We ask for an author bio of around 40 words and an author headshot.

High-resolution photography to accompany the piece is strongly encouraged, and photos need to be 300 dpi for print.