Buyer’s Guide For Show Choirs 2019

The 2019 Show Choir Buyer's Guide features Costuming, Staging and Auditoriums, Arrangers, Fundraising, Audio, and Accessories. We are so thankful...  More

Building Blocks of Winning Show Choir Costume Design

Costume Design — Ahhhh. For most groups-it's a love-hate relationship! My husband says (jokingly, I might add), "What's all the fuss? It's...  More

Costume Renovation & Transformation

Show choir costumes, like all custom-created or even off the rack costumes, can be very expensive. Every year, your group fundraises to foot...  More

Costuming 101

Costuming has come a long way since I started teaching in 1981. Long gone are the days of blue jeans or T-Shirts and sewing parties where moms...  More

Transforming Off-the-Rack Garments for Dancing

Let's face it - Custom gowns and costumes can get expensive. You may want to purchase an off-the-rack dress, top or bottom and transform it into...  More

Tips for Buying Show Choir Costumes

Whether you are new to show choir or an experienced veteran, these are some valuable tips for buying show choir costumes offered by a show choir...  More

Avoiding Ugly Show Choir Costumes

I am generally a very positive person, and I grew up thinking, "If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all."  More

A Delicate Conversation: Costuming Support for Female Show Choir Performers

Recently, I have heard much discussion on whether female performers must wear a bra, a decision which can restrict some types of costuming choices....  More

Costuming: Sweating the Details

Are you sweating your costume choices? I know there are a few lucky souls out there who never appear to be sweating, but many are not so lucky....  More