Buyer’s Guide 2021

Buyer's Guide 2021  More


If you want to support some companies that have long supported show choir and are excited to be part of this world, the 2020 Productions...  More

Destressing Your Costuming Process

Choosing or designing costuming can be one of the most exciting parts of putting together your show each year; of course, the entire...  More

It Takes a Village to Raise a Star: Descants Show Choir

Across most disciplines, working collaboratively is tantamount to success; show choir is no exception. To put on a show, most schools have...  More

Buyer’s Guide For Show Choirs 2019

The 2019 Show Choir Buyer's Guide features Costuming, Staging and Auditoriums, Arrangers, Fundraising, Audio, and Accessories. We are so...  More

Building Blocks of Winning Show Choir Costume Design

Costume Design — Ahhhh. For most groups-it's a love-hate relationship! My husband says (jokingly, I might add), "What's all the fuss?...  More

Costume Renovation & Transformation

Show choir costumes, like all custom-created or even off the rack costumes, can be very expensive. Every year, your group fundraises to...  More

Costuming 101

Costuming has come a long way since I started teaching in 1981. Long gone are the days of blue jeans or T-Shirts and sewing parties where...  More

Transforming Off-the-Rack Garments for Dancing

Let's face it - Custom gowns and costumes can get expensive. You may want to purchase an off-the-rack dress, top or bottom and transform it...  More

Tips for Buying Show Choir Costumes

Whether you are new to show choir or an experienced veteran, these are some valuable tips for buying show choir costumes offered by a show...  More