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Schermer Pecans shares some exciting news with the readers of Productions Magazine, about how their app can help you and your team with your show choir fundraising.

Why Develop A New App?

Aron Wimberly from Schermer Pecans explains, “We wanted to develop an innovative platform for fundraisers. Orchard fundraising allows customers to sell Schermer Pecan products through this online platform. This platform creates a shareable link that makes sharing your fundraising information quick and easy. No need for brochures anymore, just share the link on your social media. Friends and family can use your link to purchase products and the funds go straight to the desired bank account.”

Wimberly continues, “We’ve shared the idea with many different organizational groups who are looking for new way to
fundraise. Many organizational leaders are eager to learn about what is to come from this platform. We offer the ability to add their own products, which is even more exciting.”

Easy and Intuitive

Orchard fundraising is built on simple and intuitive web and mobile app platforms, which allow your fundraising organizations to present, order, and track their shipments in real time. A mobile-responsive link is also available to share on all social media platforms to further their reach.

Fundraising administrators select from, and set up, specific products available for sale, along with setting the price per
unit and minimum order requirements associated with the selected products. The administrator has ability to adjust pricing, view individual fundraiser activity, and track all orders in an easy to use web-based content management system.

Accounting Made Simple

Once processed, revenue collected is automatically sent to you electronically and the product owners at the same time. No more waiting to collect money, create reports, and send out checks.

Team Member Gamification
For each fundraiser, your organization will have their own unique URL which they may then send via text message, email, or share on their social media platforms. Team members have their own log in where they can see their
fundraising stats compared to other students, allowing for friendly competition.

Wrapping Up the Sales
Once minimum order levels are achieved, your fundraising organization and Orchard will receive a notification email stating the order is complete. The product is then shipped and appropriate funds will be distributed to each

Contact Info
Aron Wimberly can be reached at aron@ schermerpecans.com or by calling 1.800.841.3403. Contact Orchard at info@orchardfundraising.com, call 833.850.8324, or visit www.orchardfundraising.com