Dornick Custom Show Choir Costuming

518 E. Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309

Dornink, a custom design fashion house in Des Moines, Iowa, can create your show choir costumes to perfectly complement your set.

Choose from our many styles or design your own and let us make your vision a reality. Dornink styles can be customized to fit your set and your budget.

Dornink has over 19 years of experience creating show choir costumes for schools through the Des Moines and surrounding areas.

Founder Faythe Dornink began custom sewing costumes for her daughters in show choir in 1992 when she realized their need for a unique look. Since then, designer and daughter Sarah Dornink, educated and trained in New York, has joined the business.  Sarah and Faythe will personally work with you to custom design your costumes and create the perfect set.

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