Dutch Mill Bulbs Show Choir Fundraiser

201 Piper Circle, Annville, PA 17003

Dutch Mill Bulbs originated Flower Bulb Fundraising over 60 years ago. Our Spring Fundraising Program, Fall Fundraising Program and Holiday Sale offer easy-to-sell and easy-to-grow varieties of flower bulbs and bare root perennials. We’ve helped tens of thousands of groups exceed their fundraising goals with our Flower Bulb Fundraising Programs.

Our Fundraising Program is the perfect flower bulb fundraiser for your group. School Fundraising, PTA Fundraisers, PTO Fundraisers, sport and athletic team fundraisers, cheerleader fundraisers, dance ensembles, booster clubs, academic clubs, marching bands, concert bands, choral groups, drama clubs, libraries, choirs, community groups, churches, and scouts – to name but a few – have all successfully raised funds by “going green” with our eco-friendly, economically priced, 50% Profit Fundraising Programs.

Since its inception, Dutch Mill Bulbs has been recognized for outstanding service, value, quality and reliability. You can count on us for your most successful fundraiser ever!  Together, we can color the world one bulb at a time!

Dutch Mill Bulbs was established in 1960 with a company vision based on:

  • Unique fundraising idea, environmentally responsible spring and fall flower bulb fundraising programs
  • Providing no-risk spring and fall flower bulb fundraising programs
  • Providing low cost, easy-to-sell, guaranteed to grow and bloom pre-packaged flower bulbs and bare root perennials
  • Superior responsiveness to customer needs
  • Continuous improvement

Note: An appointment is required if picking up orders—call 717-868-3120