10 Reasons to Hire a Tour Operator



Planning a trip is often exciting as the entire group looks forward to their next adventure. In many cases, however, this experience can quickly turn into a nightmare when trying to coordinate the travel, airplane tickets, hotels, restaurants and activities along with performance opportunities for your students.

Hiring a tour operator alleviates the anxiety and stress, and it allows teachers time to concentrate on their teaching instead of the extraneous aspects of a student journey.

Here are the 10 most common reasons why trip advisors are in such high demand.

Save Time and Energy

A well qualified travel organizer takes the worry out of the trip planning. Always well-organized and knowledgeable about many destinations, the tour operator is able to plan the entire trip at a discount and harmonize all aspects of the journey to accommodate the expectations of the travelers. The initial information is taken over the phone, email or in person to begin the process. Once all of the data is gathered, the trip operator is able to create a package that will combine all wants and needs of the group, minimizing the stress of adventure planning. Each detail is taken into consideration to assure a positive experience.

Resources and Buying Power

Many high school music teachers reward their students with student travel adventures and performance tours. Tour operators have tremendous buying power due to all the groups they book in all the major destinations. Often through their connections with vendors, they are able to receive better pricing for attractions and hotels, which saves you money on your overall trip.


When booking travels and making any trip arrangements, many insurance options are offered to protect the travelers during the trip. This insurance covers the travelers for injuries sustained during the trip, as well as lost luggage, airline delays, and medical insurance for international trips. Additionally, participants can purchase insurance for cancellation before the trip due to family and medical issues. Tour Operators carry Professional and General Liability insurance as additional insurance on our group trips; teachers planning their own trips are rarely covered under their schools’ insurance, which leaves them at great risk.

Safety Due Diligence

The help of a tour operator becomes especially useful when planning youth-oriented journeys. Safety becomes the number one issue as the parents want to ensure their children’s safety at all times during the travel. Trip advisors review all safety regulations and ensure that all booked airlines meet the standards of the industry and comply with terms and conditions for any particular age group.

Destination Knowledge

It is best to hire a tour operator who is knowledgeable about the area in detail. He or she will be able to pinpoint the most interesting regions of interest and guide the travelers toward the areas worth exploring. The ultimate goal is to make the experience memorable and have the visitors want to return.

Financial Ease and Cost Efficiency

Cost and the financial planning play a major role when contemplating a trip. Acquiring the help of a tour planner has proven to be the most economical way to reach that goal without any excessive expenditure. All-inclusive travel packages along with prepayment options are frequently offered for many destinations around the globe.

Experienced Staff

All trips are planned by reliable members of the team who are familiar with creating flawless itineraries to ensure efficiency and minimize the cost. Every tour operator is dedicated to address any and all issues presented by the clients, and every effort is made to accommodate their desires, wishes and requests. Dealing with tour planners, who are experienced and well-trained within the industry, is cost effective and benefits both the customers and the company placed in charge of making all necessary arrangements.

Operational Structure

Most travel operators make sure that the clients are offered easy payment plans, especially if the trip is booked in advance with specific details. Education-oriented adventures for teachers and students may require special attention, but they can be impeccably designed to meet the approval of all individuals involved within the trip planning process.

Multiple City Itineraries

When contemplating multiple destinations, it is crucial to obtain the help of an experienced tour operator who will be able to present several options and make the trip memorable and enjoyable for everyone. Well-designed plans will alleviate the feeling of being rushed from one location to the other, and it will allow the travelers to visit all points of interest as well as appreciate their experience at all sites they visit.

Special Needs Management

Those with special needs are encouraged to inquire about an array of unique services a trip advisor is able to arrange. Whether the travel is international or domestic, all voyage needs can be addressed to ensure positive experiences while traveling to any destination.

Planning a vacation is best addressed by professionals who are experienced within the field of travel. Many educational entities and private individuals have recognized the need for proper trip planning. From the initial airplane tickets to the menu at the local restaurant, all can be arranged and perfectly planned without any hassle, making the adventure outstanding and remarkable.

About the Author
Bruce Rickert is focused on making student group travel interesting and fun. For more information on hiring a tour operator, go to the Student Youth Travel Association website at www.syta.org or contact Bruce Rickert at Peak Performance Tours at 800-220-0165 or visit www.peakperformancetours.com.