Show Choir and Auditoriums: Creating a Multi-Purpose Space



In today's environment of the multi-purpose space, the auditorium manager is faced with the hurdles of providing every stake holder the opportunity to host their event flawlessly.

Their limited staff, storage space, and event-specific presentation create a very unique challenge. The days of permanent set pieces and dedicated lines are gone- replaced with the equipment that can allow for a fast-paced change.

Finding the Right Staging Combination for Different Groups

For every space, show choirs, theater groups, orchestras, and traditional choirs all want their equal time and want the space set for their specific application. This competition for the space available can create a tense environment with a lot of friction between the groups of users, so finding the right combination of equipment that can be flexible and hold the highest level of presentation is very important.

Raising the Performance Level

This is evident in the world of show choirs that constantly need to raise their level of performance, yet leave the stage in the allotted time. A platform system with unitized framing support that is easy to set up for the performance, yet can be whisked away at a moment’s notice, goes a long way toward helping make the open stage space accommodate the show choir needs. The traditional 3×3 or 4×4 grid configurations can also be set up in a variety of layouts and be added to in the future to accommodate the growth of the program. Getting the right portable equipment to fit today’s production needs, but also looking to the future, will ensure the best investment over time.

Easy-to-Use Portable Riser Equipment

Easy to use portable riser equipment helps the auditorium manager by reducing both the amount of set-up staff and product training that is needed. In many cases, the actual performer or the volunteers supporting the production can assist with set up and tear down.

The portable riser equipment should be simple to utilize, yet still provide the venue with utmost in durability and performance. Even with very limited staff to make events happen, a typical performance platform can be set up and ready to use with just two people in less than 30 minutes. A multi-purpose space also requires equipment storage for the orchestra, theatrical group, and show choir.

Platforms with Reversible Deck Systems

One simple way to help make the equipment be more flexible and user friendly is to consider platforms with a reversible deck system. This can help make the same equipment useable for a multitude of users and events. Dual-sided platforms provide two different playing surfaces to fit the needs of different performances and productions. Imagine two surfaces, one carpet and one hardsided, that now give you the option to control your foot noise for when you want it and when you do not.

Rolling Props, Backdrops, and Acoustic Shells

The other area that is starting to emerge is the use of rolling props, back drops and acoustic shells to take the large stage space to a more intimate setting.

These give each group the ability to maximize their presentation but not permanently impact the operation of the space. Many times a rolling acoustic shell or backdrop can provide a different color behind the performers to make them stand out from the traditional black drape that is in every stage space. The acoustic shells can also help to enhance your sound projectior om areas where there are only soft good and no reinforcement.

Embracing the Multi-Purpose Space

The multi-purpose space of today is not to be feared and should be embraced. The perfect or nearly perfect execution of every event is possible, if you have the right equipment to help with your event. Remember that every stakeholder is trying to accomplish the same thing: a flawless event that keeps the audience wanting more.

About the Author
Rick Roe has 23 years of StageRight sales experience serving all divisions through the years with the last 13 years as the StageRight School and Church Market Manager. Rick is based out of the home office in Clare, MI.