Back-to-School Guide 2023



It’s time to return to schools and stages everywhere. Our guide covers fundraising, costuming, stages, music, and technology—all the items that make a show choir award winning.

Dornink, a custom-design fashion house in Des Moines, Iowa, can create your show choir costumes to perfectly complement your set. Choose from our many styles or design your own and let us make your vision a reality. Dornink styles can be customized to fit your set and your budget. Dornink has over twenty-three years of experience creating show choir costumes for schools through the Des Moines and surrounding areas. Founder Faythe Dornink began custom sewing costumes for her daughters in show choir in 1992 when she realized their need for a unique look. Since then, designer and daughter Sarah Dornink, educated and trained in New York, has joined the business. Sarah and Faythe will personally work with you to custom design your costumes and create the perfect set. Work with our design team to custom design the perfect look for needs. Whether you’re looking for show choir or theatrical costumes, we can design and create just about any style. Be inspired by the many fabric selections on our fabric page. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask! Let Dornink set your group apart from the rest. Dornink can design and create the look you need. Our design team is always sourcing new fabrics, styles, and the latest trends to keep your group looking amazing on stage.

For over half a century, Dutch Mill Bulbs has been committed to providing our customers with the best available bulbs and rooted perennials. We work only with reputable growers who share our dedication to quality and service. We look forward to an opportunity to earn your business. Dutch Mill Bulbs was established in 1960 with a company vision based on several criteria. First, we were committed to a unique fundraising idea that was environmentally responsible and available year-round, offering spring and fall flower bulb fundraising programs. Second, we would provide no-risk spring and fall flower bulb fundraising programs. Next, we would provide low cost, easy-to-sell, guaranteed-to-bloom-and grow-and-bloom pre-packaged flower-bulbs and bare-root perennials. Finally, we committed ourselves to superior responsiveness to customer needs as well as continuous improvement. We’ve been so successful for so long because we not only stand behind our products with a no-nonsense guarantee, we also stand behind our customers, offering unmatched service and support. Contact us toll free at 800-533-8824 or visit our site to get started on your next fundraiser!

For over twenty years, FAME has produced national show-choir competitions and today is the clear leader in producing professional- level events for the nation’s best show choirs. Three essential philosophies are woven into the foundation of each of our events: encourage innovation, inspire creativity, and reward excellence. The Show Choir National Championship Series was developed to provide a true national champion! Six qualifying events take place in Hollywood, Orlando (two weekends), New York, Chicago, and Branson. The top three mixed and top two single-gender show choirs from each world- class division at each event will be invited to participate in the National Show Choir Finals the last weekend in April. In addition, qualified groups that have not competed at one of the qualifying events may apply to compete at the Show Choir National Finals. Learn more about the upcoming events by visiting

Need a great show choir fundraising idea? Earning up to fifty percent profit, you can sell from our brochure and also online with your webpage link with free shipping! Prizes include iTunes or Walmart gift cards. Some of the benefits of our program include the following: One-of-a-kind products, made in the USA, affordable price points, healthy and fun, long shelf life, easy distribution—no melting or refrigeration—Online Leader Dashboard, and Auto Alert Marketing Tool for sellers. Fun Pasta Fundraising is both new and unique—a chance to sell pasta in fun shapes like musical notes, sports, holidays, and more. Our fundraising program is simple and effective—the #1 Brochure Sales + Online Sales. Your participants will sell from a colorful brochure and also share an online webpage link with out-of-town friends and families. You can earn fifty percent profit with your total brochure sales over $4,000 or earn forty percent with your total brochure sales less than $4,000 All online sales earn forty percent profit, and you can earn bonus cash prizes based on total gross sales!

The Manhasset Specialty Company began in 1935, when inventor and musician Otto Lagervall, dissatisfied with the quality of the existing music stands and their inherent problems and shortcomings, set out to develop a better music stand. He succeeded in developing the initial Manhasset® music stands. Over the years, new stands and various accessory products have been added to the Manhasset® line, and countless improvements have been made to the manufacturing processes. Today at Manhasset, we continue working to research and develop new and unique products to fit the needs of musicians of all ages, as well as to improve upon what has always been the finest quality line of music stands available. The Manhasset Specialty Company is an employee-owned business—all of us care about the company and our products and take great pride in what we produce. We value very highly our company’s reputation and are strongly committed to continuing our tradition of exceptional quality. From our full line of music stands to our innovative accessories that answer our customers’ needs, at Manhasset we are continuing in our efforts to bring you the very best.

In the late 1980’s, Jeffrey Bowen began arranging for competition show choirs as extra work. During the 1990’s, the arranging grew into full-time work and was established as Music Arrangement Services. In 2012, the company became incorporated as Music Arrangement Services, Inc. with the same concept of providing high-quality competition arrangements as well as ensuring the legal licensing of each and every title. Arrangements have been purchased by schools in over thirty-five states, several European countries, and Australia. Music Arrangement Services, Inc. provides quality show choir arrangements to competition show choirs all over the country. With hundreds of titles to its credit, directors will be able to see the wide variety of styles created to make your show choir sound the best! Music Arrangement Services, Inc. can assist in all licensing and arrangement permissions to ensure the legality of making copies for your rehearsals! Currently, there are hundreds of titles on file that have been created over the decades, including original pieces by Jeffrey Bowen that have been purchased by show choirs around the country.

Performance tours can be really stressful if not properly planned. Your group deserves an inspiring, performance-filled adventure with comfortable and dynamic performance spaces we have pre-screened. PPT has been helping schools plan comprehensive performance tours by reducing the stress and amping up the fun for over twenty years. Planning a group tour can be overwhelming, but Peak Performance Tours will guide you every step of the way, from concept to completion, in co-designing the right program based on your performance and entertainment goals. Whether you want to participate in a music festival, perform publicly, or participate in a workshop, Peak can provide you with a proposal for destinations in the USA and beyond. We have experience planning trips for clients with groups of all styles and size. From a live street performance to a Broadway workshop, these tours are designed to give you and your group a broad range of personal and local performance opportunities. Contact us today for your customized performance tour by calling 215-598-8690 or 800-220-0165.

Harvested from Georgia orchards that have been in our family for over seventy years, our pecans are always hand selected and fresh shelled. We take pride in our pecans from start to finish; we plant and care for the trees, shell the pecans, and candy the delicious varieties. Schermer’s Pecans offers a healthy and delicious option, a fundraiser you can feel good about! In a nutshell, here’s how it works: First, call, email, or download our easy app to sign up. We offer free shipping in the continental USA, no money up front with approved credit, and thirty days to pay. We will mail you printed order forms to use for selling, or—to make it even easier—you can use our new app to set up your sellers with a link they can share with friends and family on social media or for door-to-door selling. Our app, “Orchard,” is an innovative fundraising platform that is changing the way your organization can raise money. With its mobile platform, Orchard allows fundraising organizations to present, order, and track their fundraising sales and shipments in real time online. Orchard is built to elevate fundraising activity and results in an easier and engaging manner.

Bringing over twenty-five years of innovative solutions and products, StageRight stands at the forefront in platform design and application. We have products and services that can be applied to meet the design intent of any space. We welcome the input of the designer and end user, so that the end result exceeds expectations in both aesthetics and functionality. Our sturdy and durable materials offer you a solid investment that will continue to exceed your needs for years to come. Let us know how we can help you solve the challenges of the ever-changing environment. Please contact us for design consultation, budgeting and specifications. A solution is only a phone call or click away. StageRight can offer unlimited choir riser configurations and can arrange different layouts—show choir, jazz platform, seated choral, or band risers—which can all use the same components. With an endless array of products, StageRight can help you convert any classroom, hall, theater, auditorium or gymnasium—for a performance to remember.

Wenger Corporation provides innovative, high-quality products and solutions for music and theatre education, performing arts and athletic equipment storage and transport. For more than sixty years, Wenger has been listening to what our customers need and then designing and manufacturing innovative, durable, and functional products to meet those needs. Wenger pioneered sound isolation in practice rooms and now offers modular rooms with virtual acoustic technology (VAE) and built-in digital recording/playback. Products include pre-engineered acoustical doors, sound-isolating music practice rooms, acoustical shells, instrument and equipment storage cabinets, audience seating, portable stage platforms and staging systems, tiered risers, music furniture, and more. No other company meets and exceeds the product needs of the music-education, performing-arts, and athletic markets like Wenger. Our expertise, design capability, and level of service are unmatched in the industry.