Show Choir Gold: A Hilarious Guide to Show Choir Fundraising for Directors and Boosters – Turning Note-worthy Performances into Cash-worthy Funds



In the dazzling world of show choirs, where jazz hands meet high notes, and sequins are a must-have accessory, there’s one thing that often hits a sour note—budgets. But fear not, oh guardians of the glittery realm! Fundraising need not be a chorus of sighs and stressed-out jazz squares. This is your backstage pass to turning financial hurdles into high-energy harmonies, peppered with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of showbiz magic.

ACT 1: The Fundraising Symphony

■ SCENE 1: The Great Bake Sale Extravaganza

Picture this: A battalion of apron-clad parents, armed with spatulas and sprinkles, descending upon the school cafeteria. Welcome to the Great Bake Sale Extravaganza! Not only will it satisfy the sweet cravings of the entire school, but it’s also a golden opportunity for parents to showcase their culinary skills. From show-stopping cupcakes to ballad-inspired brownies, let the baking battles begin!

  • Pro Tip: Enlist local celebrities to judge the bake-off, adding a pinch of glamour to your sugary soirée.

■ SCENE 2: Car Wash Capers

What’s wet, wild, and wonderful for fundraising? A car wash, of course! Mobilize your choir members armed with sponges and buckets and turn the school parking lot into a soapy spectacle. Offer free vocal performances to entertain waiting drivers—turning mundane errands into memorable moments. Just pray your alto section doesn’t break any windshields with those high notes!

  • Pro Tip: Advertise as a “Singing Car Wash”—because nothing says cleanliness like a serenade.

ACT 2: The Social Media Symphony

■ SCENE 1: Hashtag Hijinks

Give your fundraising efforts a digital spin with a social-media challenge. Create a catchy, choir-related hashtag and encourage supporters to share their favorite show choir moments. For every post, pledge a note—musical or monetary, depending on the generosity of your supporters. Social media can turn your choir’s journey into a viral sensation!

  • Pro Tip: Add a dash of friendly competition by awarding the most creative posts with a backstage pass to your next concert.

■ SCENE 2: Virtual Serenades

In an age where Zoom meetings are the norm, why not serenade your supporters virtually? Host a virtual concert where donors can request songs in exchange for contributions. Imagine the thrill of hearing your choir belt out “Bohemian Rhapsody” in a video call! It’s a win-win—supporters get personalized performances, and your choir gets the funds it needs.

  • Pro Tip: Create tiers of donations with increasing perks, like personalized shout-outs or exclusive virtual meet-and-greets with the choir members.

ACT 3: The Guerrilla Marketing Ballet

■ SCENE 1: Flash Mob Frenzy

Turn the ordinary into extraordinary with a surprise flash mob. Choreograph a jaw-dropping routine and perform it in unexpected places—the mall, local parks, or even the grocery store. The element of surprise will not only captivate your audience but also attract attention to your fundraising cause.

  • Pro Tip: Capture the flash mob on video and share it on social media to create buzz and encourage online donations.

■ SCENE 2: Singing Telegram Shenanigans

Who says singing telegrams are old-fashioned? Embrace the retro charm and send your choir members out as surprise singing telegrams for special occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, or even just a random Tuesday—the joy of a surprise song will leave a lasting impression. Bonus points if you can convince the local pizza joint to let your choir deliver pizzas while belting out show tunes.

  • Pro Tip: Partner with local businesses for cross-promotion—they get a unique selling point, and you get a cut of the profits.

ACT 4: The Merchandising Maestro

■ SCENE 1: Pasta Palooza

What’s better than a choir singing in perfect harmony? A choir that can also cook up a storm! Introduce a pasta fundraiser where supporters can purchase gourmet pasta packages. Collaborate with a local pasta artisan for a custom blend, perhaps a “Harmony Fusilli” or a “Showstopper Spaghetti.” Package them with a recipe book featuring the favorite pasta dishes of your choir members, turning your fundraiser into a feast for both the ears and the taste buds.

  • Pro Tip: Host a cooking class featuring your choir members as chefs.

■ SCENE 2: Coffee Concerto

For those who can’t survive a day without a cup of Joe, a coffee fundraiser is the perfect pick-me-up! Partner with a local coffee roaster to create a custom blend with your school’s choir name in it. Sell individual bags or gift sets that include a choir mug and a ticket to a performance. Because who wouldn’t want to start their day with a musical morning brew?

  • Pro Tip: Set up a pop-up coffee stand at local events or near busy shopping centers to attract caffeine enthusiasts.

■ SCENE 3: Pecan Pizzazz

Go nuts for fundraising with a pecan sale! Partner with local orchards to source fresh pecans and package them in stylish, choir-branded containers. You can offer plain pecans, chocolate-covered delights, or even spice things up with a show choir signature seasoning. It’s a nutty way to raise funds while giving your supporters a taste of something special.

  • Pro Tip: Create a pecan-themed choir performance, complete with Nutcracker choreography—a delightful blend of music and munchies.

■ SCENE 4: Popcorn Crescendo

Turn the classic popcorn sale into a symphony of flavors. From sweet caramel to savory cheese, offer a variety of popcorn flavors in eye-catching, choir-themed tins. Add a musical twist by including download codes for exclusive choir performances with each purchase. It’s a popcorn party that not only satisfies cravings but also hits all the right notes.

  • Pro Tip: Host a movie night featuring classic musicals and offer your custom popcorn as the star of the show.

Act 5: The Grand Finale Gala

■ SCENE 1: Fundraising Gala Extravaganza

Cap off your fundraising efforts with a grand gala. Turn the spotlight on your show choir with a glitzy evening of entertainment, complete with dinner, dancing, and dazzling performances. Sell tickets to parents, friends, and local businesses, and watch the funds roll in. Don’t forget to auction off unique experiences, like a private serenade or a chance to conduct the choir for a song.

  • Pro Tip: Encourage attendees to dress in showbiz glamour—sequins and feather boas are mandatory!

Conclusion: A Standing Ovation for Show Choir Success!

In the grand finale of your fundraising symphony, take a bow, directors, and boosters! Through laughter, creativity, and a touch of showbiz pizzazz, you’ve transformed financial challenges into opportunities for your show choir to shine. The stage is set, the funds are in, and your choir is ready to hit the high notes with a dazzling performance that’ll leave the audience applauding encore after encore.

So, directors and boosters, keep the laughter ringing and the sequins sparkling as you lead your show choir to financial triumph. Break a leg, or in showbiz terms, break a stiletto heel! The show must go on—and so must the fundraising!

Disclaimer: No sequins were harmed in the making of this fundraising guide. Laughter, however, was actively encouraged.

About the Author
Ed Bauer has been in publishing for over twenty years. In his early career years, he worked on the staff at Mount Union College and for the last twelve years as publisher and managing partner at Flaherty Media has been privileged to tour many private higher education campuses and talk with numerous staff members who manage these multiple building facilities. He can be reached at